Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year's Day

What's on your New Year's Day menu?  I have a couple of southern traditional "must haves". 

Must have #1 is black-eyed peas (for good luck). I cook fresh black-eyed peas with onion, bell pepper, green onion, some chopped tomato, a little bacon or ham for seasoning and S & P. 

Must have # 2 is cabbage (for financial prosperity).  I boil chopped cabbage and let much of the water boil away, add a little olive oil and red pepper flakes plus S & P.

S & P for me is always Kosher salt and fresh ground pepper, usually black, but I grind white peppercorns (great in mashed potatoes) and mixed red/black/green for some dishes.

The rest of my menu is undetermined as of this moment. I'll be running to the grocery store in the morning. Thinking about fried chicken and mashed potatoes to go with my peas and cabbage.

What are you cooking for New Year's Day?


  1. already made "Hoppin' John". This time, a mixture of brown rice, black eyed peas, onions, celery, garlic. Tastes wonderful, but I overcooked it and it looks like mush. (shrug) Texas caviar... sort of a black eyed pea salsa thing with lots of cilantro, serrano peppers, tomatoes, onions, peas, hulled cucumbers, and a vinagrette dressing. (with corn chips) Haven't decided on the cabbage dish yet. Happy New Year!

  2. I love Texas Caviar, Carol!I think I got my original recipe from "Stop and Smell the Rosemary". Hope you have a wonderful New Year!